How does BeReal make money?

How Does BeReal Make Money?

How Does BeReal Make Money?

Wondering how BeReal makes money?

BeReal is one of the hottest apps out there right now. The app that encourages us to be real has been gaining more and more popularity over the last few months. In fact, it is the #1 downloaded app in several countries around the world, including the US, Germany and Australia.

Anyway, the question on everyone's mind is: How does BeReal make money? It's easy to see why because the app is free and comes with no ads, in-app purchases or subscriptions.

So, let's try to understand the BeReal business model!

How does BeReal make money?

Usually, apps make money through ads, subscriptions and in-app purchases. But, BeReal doesn't have any of that. BeReal is currently operating off the $30 million and $85 million the company raised in a funding round.

So, it seems that the BeReal business strategy is to build up the user base to a certain point (probably 100 million users), and then introduce different ways to monetize, whether it's ads or in-app purchases.

The BeReal privacy policy states that data on "purchase of paid features" will be collected and processed for various purposes such as billing (probably). That means paid or premium features will be introduced to the app in the future.

As a matter of fact, the app is looking toward paid features or subscriptions for income rather than bombarding users with ads, according to a report from the Financial Times.

Does BeReal Sell Your Data?

Selling user data to third-party advertisers for targeted advertising is another way apps make money. So, it is logical to wonder whether BeReal is secretly selling your personal information for money.

Well, we don't know that for sure. However, the BeReal privacy policy clearly states that the app will not disclose to third parties any information or personal data provided by users, which is pretty reassuring.

How Many Users Does BeReal Have?

According to Wikipedia, as of the 25th of August, BeReal has over 10 million active daily users. Moreover, as of July 2022, the app had over 20 million estimated global installs, as per the online encyclopedia.

The current goal of the team is to achieve 100 million users, it seems. The BeReal job board states its aim is to "build the technical infrastructure and product that will empower BeReal to scale to 100M+ users."

BeReal definitely has potential but to reach that 100M milestone, the creators of the app need to find ways to make the app a little bit more fun and add more features while still maintaining the app’s philosophy. That's what we think.

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