What does "Early adopter" mean on BeReal?

early-adopter-bereal-meaning - An image of a BeReal notification on an iPhone

early-adopter-bereal-meaning - An image of a BeReal notification on an iPhone

With the latest update, BeReal introduced a captivating tagline called "Early adopter." This new addition has sparked curiosity among users, leading to a common question: What does "Early adopter" mean on BeReal?

BeReal has a history of occasionally leaving its users inquisitive with its cryptic labels and enigmatic icons. From the "Unblurred" label to the lightning bolt icon, users have often found themselves wondering about their meanings.

Now, with the introduction of the '"Early adopter" tag, the curiosity continues to grow. But don't worry! In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify the meaning of this intriguing designation within BeReal.

What does "Early adopter" mean on BeReal?

The "Early adopter" tag on BeReal indicates that the user joined the platform shortly after its launch or during its initial growth phase.

It's a way for the platform to recognise and highlight users who have been part of the community since its inception. It signifies that the user has a history with the platform dating back to its early days.

To put that into perspective, BeReal was initially released in 2020, and it first gained widespread popularity in early 2022. Therefore, an "early adopter" on BeReal would be someone who joined the platform in early 2022 or even earlier.

In its early stages, the BeReal app was plagued by numerous bugs, making it a frustrating experience for users.

For instance, users were frequently grappling with issues such as notifications not working or BeReal not uploading. Also, the app had design vulnerabilities that some users exploited to see BeReals without posting.

However, despite these challenges, early adopters remained loyal to the app, choosing not to delete their BeReal accounts. Their steadfast commitment undoubtedly earns them the privilege of sporting a special tagline.

And that's everything we know about the "Early adopter" tag on BeReal. While you are here, make sure you check out our related guides, including the BeReal time for today and how to login to BeReal on a new phone.

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