How to Turn off the Duolingo Startup Sound

An image of the Duolingo welcome screen where the startup sound effect plays - turn it off

An image of the Duolingo welcome screen where the startup sound effect plays - turn it off

Duolingo has rolled out several minor updates to the app. Although most of these enhancements were subtle and went unnoticed, the new Duolingo startup sound effect is quite prominent and hard to miss.

Opinions are split regarding the new startup sound in the app, which is exactly the same as the sound you hear when you answer a question correctly. While some users appreciate it, others dislike it intensely, finding it as unwelcome as the sad Duolingo icon; they are eager to disable it by any means necessary.

If you’re among those who wish to disable the Duolingo startup sound, this guide is for you. We will explore various methods to turn off this sound effect. But, before that, you might be interested in getting unlimited hearts in Duolingo for free.

How to Turn off the Duolingo Startup Sound

To turn off the Duolingo startup sound, first navigate to the profile tab and tap the cog icon in the top left to access settings. Then, select “Preferences” and switch off the toggle for “Sound effects.”

However, keep in mind that this will disable all sound effects in the Duolingo app, not just the startup sound. Unfortunately, there is no option available to turn off only the boot sound. That said, there are workarounds.

Temporarily Mute Your Device

If you want to silence only the startup sound while keeping other sound effects active, you can mute your device before opening the app and unmute it right after the app launches. It is easier than you think, especially on iPhone.

Do Not Kill the Duolingo App

Another way to avoid the Duolingo startup sound is to keep the app open in your recent apps list and avoid closing it. The startup sound only plays when you launch the app, so by not terminating the app, you won’t need to relaunch it and trigger the sound.

With that, we are wrapping up our guide on how to turn off the Duolingo startup sound. We hope you found it helpful. Before heading off, be sure to explore our other Duolingo guides, including our Super Duolingo vs Duolingo Max comparison.

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