Did Snapchat get hacked on August 15, 2023?

Did Snapchat get hacked? - An image of Snapchat's black logo

Did Snapchat get hacked? - An image of Snapchat's black logo

Following the story post by Snapchat's My AI, a pressing question looms in everyone's mind: Did Snapchat get hacked?

The unexpected behaviour has sparked curiosity and concerns, particularly as people worry about the security of their conversations with Snapchat My AI. While Snapchat is encrypted, it has faced hacking incidents in the past. Given this history, the current situation does raise some concerns.

In this guide, we will analyze the events surrounding the reported incident on August 15, 2023, and explore the possibilities of a hack, technical glitch, or other factors that could have contributed to the situation.

Did Snapchat get hacked on August 15, 2023?

On August 15, 2023, Snapchat AI exhibited an unusual behaviour by posting on its story. This is particularly perplexing since its primary function is responding to user queries.

Following the story post, My AI stopped responding to users' inquiries. Instead, it began displaying messages like "Sorry, I encountered a technical issue. 😳" and "Hey, I'm a bit busy at the moment. Can we catch up later? 😊".

This incident has prompted speculation about a potential hack on Snapchat. While it's natural to consider this possibility, further investigation is needed to determine the exact cause behind the behaviour.

It appears more likely that Snapchat was not hacked on August 15, 2023. Instead, this situation is probably a result of a software bug or glitch. Technical issues can sometimes lead to unexpected behaviours.

For the time being, it's advisable to refrain from using Snapchat My AI until the team at Snap addresses and resolves this issue. Make sure you follow Snapchat on Twitter to stay updated on any developments.

How to remove My AI from Snapchat

In light of these unusual occurrences, a growing number of individuals hold the belief that Snapchat's My AI is dangerous, leading them to contemplate removing it from Snapchat.

While the option to remove or unpin My AI is available, these features are exclusive to Snapchat Plus subscribers. If you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, check out our guide on how to remove My AI from Snapchat to easily get rid of it.

And that wraps up our guide. While you are here, make sure you check out the Snapchat AI jailbreak prompt to spice up things a bit.

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