Did Instagram Remove Prompts?

An image of the Prompts feature - Did Instagram remove it?

An image of the Prompts feature - Did Instagram remove it?

Instagram introduced Prompts on May 30, 2024, within its Notes functionality. However, many users have recently noticed the sudden disappearance of this feature, leading to the following question: Did Instagram remove Prompts?

Prompts allows users to create interactive prompts that others can respond to directly. The idea is to enhance engagement and spark conversations among friends. However, the feature didn’t turn out as intended (more on that in the coming sections).

In this guide, we aim to provide a clear answer to whether Instagram has removed the Prompts feature and, if so, why it was removed. But, before that, you might want to turn off the Meta AI on Instagram.

Did Instagram Remove Prompts?

Yes, Instagram removed the Prompts feature on May 31, 2024, due to users abusing it to post inappropriate and sexual content. This decision was driven by user feedback demanding its removal.

The prompts were posted anonymously, meaning no user could see who actually posted them (though reporting it would reveal the creator). Users took advantage of this anonymity, leading to significant misuse, and the rest, as you can imagine, followed.

These inappropriate prompts with a sexual tone made other users on the platform uncomfortable, leading them to urge Instagram to remove the feature. Instagram acted quickly, removing it the very next day after its introduction.

Will Instagram Bring Back Prompts?

Currently, there is no official information from Instagram indicating whether Prompts will be reintroduced. However, it is a useful feature, and if Instagram implements measures to prevent misuse, it could potentially make a comeback.

For starters, Instagram could reveal the identity of the person who posted the Prompt. This transparency would likely deter users from posting inappropriate content, as no one would risk posting such material when their identity is visible to everyone.

Additionally, Instagram could implement some UI updates to clearly separate Notes from Prompts. Currently, Prompts have more priority and take centre stage, which not everyone appreciates.

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