How to delete Kik account permanently on Android 2023

Delete Kik account permanently Android
Credit: Kik

Delete Kik account permanently Android
Credit: Kik

Since the app doesn't provide an in-app account deletion option, it can be a bit tricky to delete Kik your account permanently on Android. So let us help.

In the year 2023, privacy has taken centre stage as a paramount concern. Due to the poor privacy and security offered by Kik, an ever-growing number of users are making the switch to the most secure messaging apps like Signal or WhatsApp.

If you're among those seeking enhanced privacy and looking to bid farewell to Kik for good, this guide is here to help you delete your Kik account permanently on Android.

How to delete your Kik account permanently on Android

To permanently delete your Kik account on Android, you'll need to visit the Kik account deletion portal and provide your account credentials, including your username and email address. Below, you'll find detailed steps for the process.

To delete your Kik account permanently on Android:

  • Go to the Kik account deletion portal.
  • Enter your username and email address in the respective fields.
  • Choose a reason why you are leaving Kik from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the box to confirm that you understand this action is permanent, and that you won't be able to reactivate your account.
  • Finally, hit the "Go!" button
  • After completing those steps, you'll receive an email from Kik.
  • Open this email, tap on "Permanently Deactivate," and then follow the provided instructions to permanently delete your Kik account.

It's worth noting that Kik also offers the option to temporarily deactivate your account. So, if you're unsure about permanently deleting it, you can opt for deactivation instead. You can do this by visiting this webpage.

How to delete your Kik account without the email address

Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete your Kik account without the associated email address since Kik relies on your email as one of the credentials to verify the account holder's identity. Nevertheless, there is a way.

In this scenario, you can employ a brute force approach by trying all the email addresses you've ever possessed until one successfully links to your Kik account. If you can't recall the email addresses you've ever used, there's not much you can do by yourself.

Your next step should be to contact Kik support and ask for help. But it's important to know that even with their assistance, there's no guarantee they can delete your Kik account if you don't have the email address linked to it.


Why won't Kik let me delete my account?

Kik doesn't provide an in-app option for account deletion. To delete your account, you must visit the dedicated account deletion portal.

How long before Kik is deleted?

Your Kik account is instantly deleted when you finish the process. Once deleted, you will lose access to your account, and others will no longer be able to find you on Kik.

Can you recover a deleted Kik account?

No, you can not recover a deleted Kik account. If you wish to use the messaging app again, you will have to set up a new profile.

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