How to check liked posts on Instagram

How to check liked posts on Instagram

How to check liked posts on Instagram

While you can search Instagram users by phone number as well as search Instagram posts by date, it is reasonable to wonder if there is a way to check liked posts on Instagram. Turns out, there is.

Instagram is a great way to pass the time, right? Perhaps you're just waiting for the bus or your dentist's appointment, and what better time to take a quick look at pictures of dogs and funny reels.

But sometimes, you just want to get back to that great Husky post you liked three days ago and can't find anymore. Keep reading to find out how to get back to previous posts you've liked on Instagram.

How to check liked posts on the Instagram app

It is pretty easy to check which posts you've liked on Instagram, even though the "history" only goes as far as the 300 most recent posts. After that, unfortunately, you'll have to rely on your very own memory.

This is how to check liked posts on the Instagram app:

  • Tap your profile icon (or picture) that you can find in the bottom right of your profile.
  • Tap the hamburger menu (3-line icon) in the top right, then select Your Activity.
  • Tap Interactions, then go over to Likes, and you'll find the 300 most recent posts or videos you've liked.

You will also be able to filter the posts by author, start date, and end date as well as sort from oldest to newest and vice versa. You can do t

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How to check liked posts on the Instagram web

Instagram recently revamped its web version, adding more functionalities to it. Although the ability to view the Instagram archive on a desktop didn't make the cut, the improved version allows you to check your liked posts.

So, here are the steps to take to check liked posts on the Instagram web:

  • Tap More in the bottom right and select Your activity.
  • In the Interactions section, under Likes, you will be able to see the posts you have liked on Instagram.

That's it! Easy, right?

Now that you know how to check liked posts on Instagram, check out our other guides to learn how to unfollow everyone and how to reset the Explore feed on Instagram.

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