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Can you see if someone half swipes with Snapchat Plus?

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Can you see if someone half swipes with Snapchat Plus? - An image of the Snapchat Plus logo

With the introduction of the exclusive 'Peek a Peek' feature, one question on every Snapchatter's mind is: Can you see if someone half swipes with Snapchat Plus?

Many Snapchat users have long used the half-swipe technique to read messages without leaving an 'opened' receipt. But with the debut of the 'Peek a Peek' feature, there's increasing speculation about Snapchat's ability to expose this subtle action.

This guide aims to clear the air, providing a definitive answer about the impact of 'Peek a Peek' on half-swiping.

Can you see if someone half swipes with Snapchat Plus?

Yes, with Snapchat Plus, you can see if someone half-swipes to peek into your chat, provided you have turned on the 'Peek a Peek' feature in the settings.

When the 'Peek a Peek' feature is enabled, a '👀' emoji will appear next to the conversation in your chat feed if someone half-swipes into it (see the referenced image below). This indication is visible for both one-on-one and group chats on Snapchat.

An image of the indicator on Snapchat that lets Snapchat Plus subscriber seee if someone half swipes
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We tested out this feature ourselves and we can confirm that the app doesn't send a notification when someone peeks into your chat. The only way you can be aware of it is if you happen to be actively viewing your chat feed while the other person is peeking.

It is worth mentioning that there are methods to half swipe on Snapchat with the new update - without them knowing.

The feature is not effective in group chat contexts

The way this feature works in group chats on Snapchat is as same as it works in one-on-one conversations. A '👀' emoji will show up next to the group chat if a member half-swipes into it to secretly read the messages.

However, it fails to specify which member is peeking, rendering the feature somewhat ineffective in group chat scenarios. Future updates may include enhancements, such as identifying who is peeking in group chats.


Snapchat Plus users might request notification alerts for when someone half-swipes into their chat. However, implementing such alerts could potentially upset non-subscribers who value their privacy.

So, it's uncertain whether Snapchat will introduce this feature in the future.

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