Best podcast apps for iPhone 2024

An image of one of the best podcast apps for iPhone

An image of one of the best podcast apps for iPhone

Whether you're looking for apps with superior discovery tools, better playback controls, or more robust organizational features, the landscape of the best podcast apps for iPhone in 2024 is both vast and varied.

In the expansive world of podcast apps, pinpointing the best can be a daunting task. But fear not. We've delved into numerous Reddit threads [1][2][3], leveraging the collective wisdom and experiences of users to identify the standout podcast apps for iPhone.

Our research has led us to a curated selection of apps that have consistently risen to the top, as recommended by the podcast listening community itself. Join us as we unveil these top picks for the best podcast apps for iPhone.

Best podcast apps for iPhone


Overcast is highly regarded for its Smart Speed feature, which automatically shortens silences in podcasts, thus saving time without distorting the audio. Its CarPlay app enhances the experience for users who frequently listen to podcasts while driving.

The app emphasises user privacy, promising not to track or sell sensitive user data, making it an attractive choice for privacy-conscious users. Overcast offers a free version and a premium subscription at $10 per year for ad-free listening and extra features.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is praised for its beautiful and functional user interface, making podcast management and discovery a pleasure. The app simplifies podcast listening with its extensive range of global settings, enhancing user experience across devices.

Additionally, Pocket Casts supports CarPlay and integration with various smart devices, enhancing its utility for users who listen to podcasts in multiple environments. Pocket Casts is available in both a free version and a premium model, priced at $10 annually.


Castro is highlighted for its unique inbox feature which allows users to queue or archive new episodes easily. This system is particularly useful for listeners who subscribe to many podcasts but prefer to select specific episodes to listen to.

The app's design focuses on simplicity and usability, featuring an intuitive interface and supporting gestures for an enhanced user experience. Castro offers a free version on iOS, with a premium subscription available for $20 annually.

Honourable mentions

Beyond the most frequently discussed podcast apps, several honourable mentions deserve recognition for their robust features and dedicated user bases. iCatcher!, Downcast and Procast are a few such examples

That covers our list of the best podcast apps for iPhone. Hopefully, you've found the perfect app for you. Before you head off, make sure you also check out the best apps for iPhone.

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