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WEIRD: Repairing the iPhone 12 will cost LOADS more than iPhone 11 repairs

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With every year comes the price of the new iPhone and the cost to repair it; whether if that’s the screen, the battery or something else.

With the iPhone 12, the repair prices have been published on Apple’s site, and there are some prices that stick out for the screen already.

It’s not a surprise as the screens are now OLED compared to the LCD screen on the iPhone 11 devices, but it’s always helpful to see the potential cost if the phone slips from your hand, and lands screen-first on concrete.

With that, lets look at the repair prices for the iPhone 12.

The Cost of a Broken iPhone 12

On Apple’s own repair site, the cost to fix the screen on both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is $279, an $80 increase from the iPhone 11, but the same from the iPhone 11 Pro.

Again, this is mainly due to the change in screen from LCD to OLED this year, as this type is much more higher-quality due to the deeper blacks, better brightness and greater quality in RGB.

iPhone Screen Price
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iPhone Prices on Apple’s Repair Site.

However the screens on the new iPhone 12 also have a ‘Ceramic Shield’ display, which reportedly is ‘four times stronger’ to drops on the floor.

But this is just the cost for the screen; there’s far more expensive fees if something else occurs to your new iPhone 12.

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The Price of A More Damaged iPhone 12

If you have exposed the iPhone to water or even the charging port succumbs to damage, there may be a $449 cost to the iPhone 12, or $549 to the iPhone 12 Pro.

However, AppleCare+ can help alleviate these costs, which can be paid for in one go or monthly, so we do recommend to look into this if you decide to upgrade to a new iPhone.

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Even more costs to an iPhone out of warranty on Apple’s site.

We are only days away from the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro releasing to the masses, but we still have the 12 Pro Max and the 12 mini to come in two weeks time.

The repair prices for those will also be unveiled very soon, which we will make sure to cover as soon as they are available.

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