RANDOM: Tinder was the highest-earning iPhone app last month, making a HUGE amount of money

Many habits that were normal for us each day have changed so much this year. The pandemic has made us think about the habits we’ve been doing for years, and how we can do it different.

For single people in this pandemic, they have had plenty of time on their own to look at things differently in their routine, and that’s no more apparent than the apps on their smartphones.

Which is why dating apps like POF, Bumble and Tinder have seen huge growth since March, but Tinder has stood out amongst the most here.

There’s been plenty of stiff growth to these apps, and it only seems to be enlarging even more in the dating market.

Swiping Right For $33 Million in Revenue

The research company Stock Apps have announced that Tinder has grossed a revenue of $33.86 million in September alone. This will mainly be due to their ‘Tinder Plus’ in-app-purchase and the ads that appear after a few swipes.

It’s interesting to note that in this chart, the rest were games or streaming services, so it’s showing that a chunk of the market are single people wanting to meet up with others during these uncertain times.

Stock Apps mentioned that “..Despite the competition, Tinder’s subscriber rate continues to grow. The team is now appealing to the Gen Z users with the latest features like the interactive Swipe Night experience. Such a feature lets daters match based on decisions they made while engaging with the interactive content, as well as location-based features."

Depending on how the tier-restrictions go for the coming months, the revenue may grow even more as we head into winter, but there could be other factors too.

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Changing Habits in 2021

As we head into 2021 there’s going to be many apps and games that will be updated to cater for those either in lockdown or isolation. Services such as Apple Arcade and Netflix are only going to churn out more content, but the dating apps will still be winning here.

Students who will have to isolate in their bubble will want to use the dating apps as a way of finding new friends to talk to, not for companionship. That’s also why these apps have been thriving in these last few months. However, games will also cross into this, especially with the next-gen consoles coming.

Stock Apps also had this to say about games: “The games app category has seen a revolution from casual games to the hyper-casual genre of games that are quick to download, and easy to play. Mobile games are played by almost every demographic of society making it a new epicenter for mobile entertainment. The industry continues to witness increased attention and investment from traditional financial markets and governments.”

We seem to only be at the start of what these apps can offer, but until we get the vaccine, we may see even more revenue from Tinder and other apps that will eclipse the $33 million.

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