New Apple TV model may have Facetime video calling

apple tv device and remote
Credit: Apple

apple tv device and remote
Credit: Apple

Apple TV owners looking to upgrade to the latest model may be in for a treat, as Apple has discussed bringing built-in webcam technology to the next iteration of its smart TV offering.

Apple is poised to bring a new capability to its popular smart TV, Apple TV, for its next model. When it rolls out, the new Apple TV may finally have a built-in webcam that can be used to make video calls through the FaceTime app and other similar programs.

apple tv plus streaming app
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Credit: Apple

The FaceTime app became available to Apple TV users with update tvOS 17 last year. This addition has allowed users to make FaceTime video calls through external webcams connected to the USB port.

Aside from the webcam, which has already been made available with some of Samsung’s smart TV offerings, Apple is also reportedly developing gesture-based controls for use with the upcoming model of the Apple TV.

There are still no details regarding these gestures, specifically those that can be used when the new Apple TV finally hits the market. The most likely candidates, however, are the gestures that came to the FaceTime app, starting with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS 14, which also brought animated 3D reactions.

This new development follows the announcement that Apple is pulling the plug on its electric vehicle project, which the tech giant has worked on since 2014. Instead, it will turn its focus to its robotics division.

The robotics project is part of Apple’s push to expand out of its most lucrative market: mobile devices. The project is poised to compete with Amazon’s Astro robot, which follows its user around carrying a tabletop display.

Reportedly, Apple's version of the personal robot will have a robotic arm that the owners can use to manipulate a digital display.

In similar news, Apple’s competitor in the smart TV category, Roku, has filed a patent for a technology that enables its devices to stream ads selected based on user activity.

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