iPhone 12 5G Hotspot: How can you share the 5G network using iPhone 12?

The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro launches today across the world, with the first customers attaining their upgrade this morning.

With its improved camera, new design and 5G across the board, it’s a tempting upgrade for anyone who has an iPhone that’s below a XS model.

However, there is a feature that has been available to many cellular networks on iPhone across the world, and that’s hotspot.

With 5G now a standard on these iPhone 12 models, can you use it as a 5G hotspot for your iPad, tablet and anything else?

What is a Hotspot on 5G?

We’ve all been in a situation where the public Wi-Fi at our favourite coffee house is on the blink, or if your home broadband is currently out of action due to a repair.

Yet with hotspot, you could use your phone as a mobile broadband dongle essentially, connecting any devices with a Wi-Fi connection and taking advantage of the cellular connection.

With 5G, it enables a device to essentially have high-speed internet as long as someone is in the right area. From tests, you could download two seasons of Breaking Bad from Netflix in only three minutes.

But keep in mind, this is dependant on the type of phone network you are with, and if your contract and phone has 5G enabled.

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How to Switch it On

From our sources, we have confirmed that you can indeed use your 5G connection on your iPhone 12 in the UK to hotspot.

Simply go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Mobile Data
  3. Personal Hotspot
  4. Create a password and switch on

And voila; you are now connecting your iPad, your Vita, your Switch to a 5G connection.

This does make one wonder as to what a 5G iPad or Nintendo Switch could look like, but for now anyway, we can at least emulate the speeds of 5G on these devices before it hopefully arrives in a dedicated fashion to these devices.

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