Intel tries a head-shot at Apple in 'Go PC' adverts

When Apple announced their switch from Intel to their own processors, it was after years of frustration from the tech company waiting for the processor company to bring significant improvements to their product line.

This also range true with Apple and PowerPC back in 2005. Apple had promised a '3GHZ PowerMac G5', but IBM weren't able to achieve the speeds, hence the move to Intel.

But already, their M1 chips are surprising everyone; showing incredible benchmarks, even in emulation mode.

This is most likely why Intel have a launched a somewhat spiteful advertising campaign, targeting Apple's move away from their chips.

What's the Campaign from Intel?

In a bizarre firing line at Apple, they have launched an advertising campaign that is trying to lure people away from the Macs.

In one tweet, they tout how an Apple user can't flick through thumbnails on a Mac, while it is possible to do this on the 'TouchBar' variants of the MacBook Pro lines.

This 'Go PC' aim from Intel only looks to bring negatives to themselves, as they have had a proven track record of being behind the competition, such as AMD and even NVIDIA with their GPU variant.

It's a strange angle for the company to go at, as some critics see them going the way of Nokia back in 2010, when the smartphone market was severely disrupted by the iPhone and the subsequent 'iPhone 4'.

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Essentially, it gives the impression that Intel is worried about where the 'CPU' as a whole is heading. Customers don't just want power; they want efficiency, and long lasting battery life.

For years now, even on Intel's lower-priced chips, battery life has hovered between 5-8 hours, even when there's low load on applications. While Apple's M1 Macs are already showing a 9-13 hour battery life when multitasking multiple applications.

People on Twitter have been quick to respond to this campaign, showing Intel their lapse in justifications.

With Apple rumoured to be bringing out a redesign of their 'Mac Pro' and other Mac variants this year, it may prove to Intel that it's better to compete with products rather than advertisements that seemingly miss the point.

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