Intel pinches 'I'm a Mac' actor Justin Long to mock M1 MacBooks

Herbie Fully Loaded and I'm a Mac actor Justin Long has been pinched by Intel. Starring in a new advert for the computer company, Long has changed sides.

As part of a new Go PC advertising campaign, Long's latest acting stint features much mocking of Apple's hardware line.

What is the Intel Go PC campaign?

Intel's Go PC campaign is a new method of moving customers from Apple to PC. With Apple ditching Intel technology in Mac hardware in favour of Apple Silicon, the company is fighting back.

The latest advert, titled Justin Gets Real, features the former star of Apple's classic 'I'm a Mac campaign turning against Apple hardware. When faced with a 2-in-1 Intel device, Long is enthusiastic about its convenience. When faced with Apple’s offerings, the star is unhappy about the company splitting features across Macs and iPads.

What other Justin Gets Real videos are there?

The latest Intel stunt currently has five videos. One video explains the benefits of PC gaming compared to the paltry efforts on MacOS."No one really games on Mac," a gamer tells Justin. "I know," he scoffs back.

Another video touches on touchscreen enabled Windows devices compared to Apple's Macbook touchbar. Lastly, there's a video that ridicules the Mac's rather lame multi- monitor support.

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