iMac Pro has been discontinued as Apple moves forward

Apple has confirmed that they will be discontinuing the iMac Pro line of computers after just four years of release. 

Multiple reports noticed that Apple had branded the Pro computers with “while supplies last” notice last week. As of today, Apple has confirmed that the iconic iMac Pro line is being phased out. 

Those who go to purchase an Pro right now will notice that the usual mass of configuration options are limited. Potential customers can only select a couple of options as the final round of stock gets shipped out.

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Only a few options are available as stock starts to dwindle.

Why is Apple cancelling the iMac Pro? 

Apple’s 27-inch iMac Pro may have been their star product a few years ago, recent developments are leaving it behind. What was once the most powerful iMac has since been bested by Apple Silicon devices. With a limited popularity to start with, it's time to say goodbye to the Pro.

Apple’s M1 hardware for the 2020 Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has already made the iMac Pro obsolete. Apple's transition from the Intel CPU hardware the iMac uses to in-house Apple Silicon hardware means there’s no reason to keep the Intel-based computer around any longer. 

Despite being discontinued, the hardware will still be supported with software updates for a while. However, Apple clearly doesn’t want new customers purchasing this ageing computer. 

Will we see this line of computers again?

There are rumours that Apple is planning to reintroduce the classic iMac with an all-new design sometime in the future. With the iMac’s iconic design being an unforgettable Apple look, we hope the aesthetic reappears someday.

Reports also claim that Apple will be reintroducing the long-running MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops with overhauled designs. All three machines are expected to be powered by next-gen Apple Silicon hardware which should be titled M1X or M2. None of these changes are expected to launch until someone next year. 

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