How to use the Files app on iPad

Files is an app that works on iOS and iPadOS. It's part of the online 'iCloud' storage service from Apple which allows users to have access to an online storage of files, which could be useful for work or just having a place to store data. 

Accessing the Files app on the iPad is also easy to use, however it can become slightly complicated as the app has hidden features that can be very useful to some.

Nevertheless, the Files app on iPad still has robust set of features that can rival parts of Windows Explorer and Finder on the Mac.

With this in mind, here's how you can use the Files app on iPad. 

How to start the Files app on iPad 

To get started, find the Files app on your iPad and make sure that the iPad is connected the internet to access certain data within the app.

Once inside, follow these steps to import a file into the app: 

Importing Files to iPad 

  1. Pick the file inside the Files app that you want for your iPad 
  1. Tap on Select>the file’s name>Organize 
  2. Inside your iPad, find a folder or make a new Folder the file. 
  3. Select Copy 

The opposite can also work on the Files app:

Exporting Files from iPad to Files app 

  1. Pick the iPad file you want to upload to the Files app cloud storage 
  2. Tap on Select and pick the file once more 
  1. Tap on the Organize button 
  2. Make a folder inside the Files cloud storage 
  3. Press the Copy button 

More Space, More Speed, More Access

Both of these features can exchange files between your device and iCloud, Google Drive or One Drive. Sending files to the cloud storage clears up space for your iPad's local storage.

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