How to set up your Apple Watch

Using the Apple Watch isn’t just as simple as just strapping it on your arm and turning it on. Apple's smartwatches require a bit of set up to use properly. In fact, getting the most out of your smartwatch will take a bit of preparation.

Once set up, Apple's smartwatch can do far more than tell you the time. The device has a library of applications and even games that can be played without the need for an iPhone or iPad. However, once the watch is connected to another Apple product, its list of features expands exponentially.

How to use the Apple Watch 

Setting up the Apple Watch is fairly easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Apple Watch and your iPhone.
  2. Once turned on, place your watch near an iPhone to pair it.
  3. Follow the instructions on the iPhone screen.
  4. Set up as a new device or use a backup if this is a replacement watch  
  5. Sign into your Apple ID
  1. Choose your location and connection settings 
  2. Make a passcode 
  3. Pick your passcode and apps 
  4. Let the device sync finish up 

Once all of this is done, you can now use your watch. 

Synced and Ready 

When the Apple Watch is fully set up, it can work with certain apps alongside your iPhone. The smartwatch can read emails, messages, and even take phone calls. In a way, the watch can act as a proxy for your phone when taking calls in public. 

Additionally, the watch also has access to various health apps. The smartwatch has been a popular device for people with active lifestyles. Lastly, the Apple device also works in a pinch as some models can immediately call 911 for you. The emergency feature works when the Apple Watch detects a massive shake or impact to it and can potentially save lives. 

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