How to Connect Apple Watch to Android: Can You Use Apple Watch With Android Phone or Without an iPhone?

Connect Apple Watch to Android

Connect Apple Watch to Android

The Apple Watch is by far the most popular smartwatch on the market. But can you connect an Apple Watch to an Android device, or use it without an iPhone?

Hundreds of millions of non-iPhone smartphone users might want to get their hands on the impressive smartwatch. But if you are one of those people, would it be worth it for an Android?

While it certainly has its downsides, including the pesky Apple Watch checking for update issue, it still remains at the top of the digital watch rankings. Just make sure to clean the Apple Watch band, too.

Can you connect an Apple Watch to an Android device

No, the Apple Watch cannot be used with an Android phone. In order to activate and set up an Apple Watch, you need an iPhone to pair it with. You'll also need an iPhone to exchange data, add apps and activate LTE connectivity.

If you have a cellular model of the Apple Watch, then theoretically you can use it while using an Android phone. You'd still need to set it up via an iPhone, then swap the SIM from your iPhone into an Android device.

The two devices will essentially be separate though, so it would be a fairly pointless exercise.

Can you use Apple Watch without an iPhone?

The answer to this question is: sort of. Your watch will work, even if it isn't in range of the iPhone that was used to set it up. So you can use many of its functions, such as activity tracking, playing music stored directly on the phone, or Apple Maps.

So the Watch doesn't need the iPhone to be adjacent at all times, which can be handy. Even more useful, the addition of the Family Setup feature means that someone close to you who doesn't have an iPhone can still enjoy an Apple Watch.

However, they would need to connect it to your own iPhone, as well as fulfilling some other criteria.

The bottom line is that Apple has designed their watches and phones to work together. It doesn't want you to use its watch without having an iPhone to go with it. And while Family Setup allows a parent to give their child a smartwatch without an extra phone, for example, they still need an iPhone in the household. Without it, your Apple Watch will not work.

Hopefully, this has cleared up some of the Apple Watch issues for you. If you want to know more about it, check out the Apple Watch charge time, or how to get rid of scratches on an Apple Watch. Alternatively, let's switch it around and look at how to connect Samsung Galaxy Buds to an iPhone.

What about the Apple Watch Series 8, or Apple Watch Ultra?

With the announcement of two new devices, there was some hope that maybe, just maybe, there would be compatibility between them and Android devices.

Sadly though, Android users will still not be able to enjoy the fruits of the Apple tree on their phones. The latest Apple Watches are still very much designed to be used with iPhones, and the same issues we've mentioned above will apply with these ones.

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