How to change the Instagam app icon on Apple iOS or Android devices

It’s hard to believe that Instagram is ten years old in 2020. From the first picture being taken in July 2010 to being bought by Facebook and now a hive of influencers and talent, it’s stood the test of time.

Yet like many other apps that have also lasted far longer than others, they have needed to move with the times, such as introducing a ‘Story’ feature influenced by Snapchat, or bringing new filters that take advantage of the latest cameras from smartphones.

But another aspect which is taking hold as we close out 2020, is themes. Thanks to a couple of apps and a shortcut script, many users are posting their themes for the iOS devices. In-turn, as Instagram is celebrating their tenth anniversary, they have unveiled an option to switch to a variety of icons.

It harkens back to the ‘cheat codes’ of yesteryear, so if you want to bring back the classic Instagram icon, here’s how.

Change the Icon

On the 7th October, tweets were slowly coming out of different Instagram icons on people’s home screens, but this wasn’t anything to do with the themes that have been trending for the last three weeks.

From the very first icon before the app was officially released, to different variants of the modern icon, there’s plenty of choice for everyone.

With that, here’s a run-through on just how to unlock the setting through the ‘Settings’ section within the app.

It’s a simple step-by-step, but once you’ve scrolled enough on the ‘Settings’ section, you can choose a variety of icons as you wish.

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Will They Stay?

There has always been discussion with the icon of Instagram. Some have never liked the new icon, whereas others love it, and they also love the variations of it from this hidden setting.

But some are hoping that this option sticks. Technically, you still can, even if they update the app. You just need to decide on the icon you want to keep, and once the app updates, it will stick.

But it will revert back to the original icon if you delete the app. But this simply depends on whether Instagram remove this hidden option in the coming weeks or months.

But for now anyway, you can enjoy some nostalgia of the classic icons of yesteryear from Instagram.

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