Google's Switch to Android app will make it easier for iOS users to leave Apple

It’s never been easy to switch from Android to iOS, or vice versa. Just thinking about abandoning one ecosystem for the other brings with it a heap of doubt. Am I redownload all of my apps? What about my icloud backup? Should I switch to Android anyways?

Well, Google is attempting to make it slightly easier to move from Apple to Android with a new app. Reported by 9to5Google, the software company is currently developing a Switch to Android app for iOS users. Isn't that neat?

What is Switch to Android?

Currently, Google already offers a fairly basic method of helping iOS users move over to Android. The Data Restore Tool allows users to back files up to a Google Drive account, including contacts, photos and more.

The new Switch to Android app will allow even more content to be moved from one ecosystem to the other. According to the reports, the new application will be able to transfer apps, SMS messages and contacts.

With the new software, Google is attempting to make a new switching option without half-measures. For those looking to leave iOS behind, this is the best option the Android has offered thus far.

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How does it work?

As the application has yet to be formally announced, it's not obvious how everything works at the moment. The leak does state that Google will require access to the user's iCloud account to gather all the information it needs.

This iCloud access will allow Google to easily transfer all of the user's messages, including iMessage content, and other general items. This should also give them access to a complete list of installed applications on your device for your Android device to download.

The current leak doesn’t specify that it will only transfer free applications. However, it seems far too good to be true for Google to give users free access to apps they haven't paid for.

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