Apple MagSafe explained: Everything you need to know about the new wireless charging method for iPhone 12 and beyond

As far back as 2017, Apple were touting 'AirPower' as their patented way of charging their devices without using a Qi pad.

However, in a rare setback, they scrapped the project, claiming 'engineering' issues. Customers wondered whether something else would take its place, and in October of this year, we were given its answer.

When the iPhone 12 was first announced in October, they also introduced 'MagSafe', their patented method of wireless charging.

But 3 months on, some customers are at a loss as to what it is, and which Apple device it's compatible with. Here's a quick guide to help you out.

What is MagSafe?

Apple's MagSafe is an AirPower reboot. It taps into the frustration of placing a QI-compatible device into the exact position, by solving this with magnets.

A MagSafe charger is similar to a small hockey-puck, attaching to the back of an iPhone 12 model and charging it just a tad slower than regularly charging an iPhone 6.

Accessory-makers are already coming up with ways to take advantage of MagSafe; from car-holders to cases and even wall-mounts.

MagSafe charges up to 15W for a compatible iPhone, so dependant on the iPhone 12 model you have, it can go from 0% to 50% in just under 30 minutes.

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What works with MagSafe?

As it's a new method of charging from Apple that's only three months old, it only works with the iPhone 12 line for now.

However, one can't help but wonder what other devices it could reach. Perhaps an iPad--case with MagSafe built in, so it can charge an iPhone 12.

Or even on a new M1 Mac; placing an iPhone 12 onto a certain part of a Mac with MagSafe, so it charges it freely.

There's plenty of possibilities here, and MagSafe's ease of use is very compelling. It will be interesting to what 2021 will bring for this for Apple's future products, especially as their aims are clearly to ditch the charging port on their devices soon.

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