Apple iPad Pro 2021 will have power similar to M1 Macs

Apple's unannounced iPad Pro 2021 lineup is set to impress iOS fans next month. Amidst constant leaks of the company's plans, numerous key details of the next-gen tablets have been revealed.

Reported by Bloomberg, the upcoming iPad Pro 2021 hardware aims to bring the power level of M1 hardware to iOS.

What upgrades will the iPad 2021 have?

The Apple iPad Pro 2021 will feature a more powerful processor than last year's release. Reportedly, the new tablet will rival the power of Apple's latest MacBooks. Powered by the A14X Bionic, the hardware is said to have more power alongside better battery life.

Furthermore, Apple plans to upgrade the iPad Pro 2021 screen technology. While not an OLED panel like the iPhone 12, the new device is said to have a Mini-LED screen. This screen should benefit from better contrast and a far higher brightness output.

Apple is also said to be including a Thunderbolt port in the new iPad. While not dissimilar from the last-gen iPad's USB-C in connectivity, it will be better for data transfer. This port is used heavily is Apple's laptops and computers, but it's yet to be seen in their phones.

The latest iPads will be available in two sizes: 11-inch and 12.9-inch. Smaller sizes are left for iPad Air devices.

When will Apple announce this?

All rumours point to a March 23rd announcement for the new iPad Pro 2021 devices. Multiple leaks have previously discussed a high-profile Apple event on this date.

The iPad could very well be the star of this event, but it won't be the only announcement. Renders and images of the unannounced Apple AirPods 3 have made the rounds online pointing to a close reveal.

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