Apex Legends Prediction Error: How To Fix Prediction Error, And What Is It?

A prediction error isn't just what happens when you visit a clairvoyant, it's also something that can interfere with a game of Apex Legends. In this article. we'll take a look at what it is, and what, if anything you can do about it. So if you have been suffering from prediction errors, then this article is one for you.

How to fix Apex Legends Prediction Error

You'll know you've encountered a prediction error when you see a symbol that consists of two parallel dotted lines. A prediction error is usually a server side error. This means that you have limited influence in fixing the problem. But there are a few steps worth trying before giving up:

  • The first thing to do is check the server status. You can do this be clicking the server status button on this page. If the servers are down, then you'll need to wait for that to be resolved before you can do anything else. You can go to EA Help on Twitter for further information.
  • Assuming there is no issue with the server, the next thing to try is rebooting your router.
  • If you're playing on a console, it's also worth doing a power cycle of your Xbox or PlayStation.
  • You can try other basic internet connectivity troubleshooting - try a wired connection, move your device or your router so they are closer to one another, and run a speed test to check how quick and stable your connection is.
  • It's also worth making sure your device and your game don't have any updates pending. If they do, perform the updates, then try again.
  • If you're on an Xbox, you can also check the Xbox server status, by going here.
  • Likewise on a PlayStation, you can check the Playstation Network here.
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Even if you do try all these remedies, you may well be wondering what a prediction error actually is. We'll cover that next.

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What is Apex Legends Prediction Error?

A prediction error, as we mentioned earlier, is usually caused by a problem on the server, rather than with your home internet. When you're playing, the game will try to predict movements by other players, so it can show you these movements more quickly.

But if they fail to predict the movement correctly, this can lead to the prediction error arising. And it's for this reason, that you are limited to what you can do about it. Generally, it won't be caused by your internet connection. But it's still worth trying the troubleshooting tips from above, just in case it does fix the issue.

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