About Us

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StealthOptional.com is the hardware-obsessed corner of the Gfinity Digital Media group.

As a fresh decade of consoles, computers and cloud-based technology brings upheaval and confusion into the lives of gamers, Stealth Optional cuts through the noise and delivers expert advice.

Whether you’re picking between peripherals or venturing into VR, building a PC or ‘souping’ up your sound system, Stealth Optional has your back with its cutting-edge insights.

Our editorial team has a strong pedigree, featuring journalists who have written for the likes of Den Of Geek, Eurogamer, TechRadar and Wired.

Stealth Optional is edited by Rob Leane, who says, “It’s a really exciting time to be a gamer, as a huge wave of change is about to crash over us – the next couple of years will change the way we play in massive ways.

“With the expert team of writers that we’ve assembled, Stealth Optional will usher in the next generation of gaming and answer the questions that you don’t even know to ask yet – we can’t wait to explore this new frontier with our readers and help make sense of it.”